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Cricket season is back!  So is home moving season for many tenants across London! What’s the connection? Here are 5 reasons why home hunting is like a cricket test match.  Let us know what you think!

  • Planning & preparation – a match is a result of detailed planning, understanding and working on your strengths & weaknesses, evaluating opposition team, and anticipating field conditions; similarly, home hunting requires you to define your budget, lifestyle needs, understand the property market, etc.

  • Create a winning strategy – based on your assessment during planning & preparation, you have to create a potentially winning strategy. Similarly, to secure the right property, you need to have a clear plan regarding estate agents to connect with, what’s a strong negotiation position etc. Not creating a proper strategy may lead to the feeling of desperation setting in early on, even with small setbacks! Let's also not overlook the importance of having a strong coach who helps analyse, prepare and plan for the match day - somewhat like our Sherpas who help tenants find their dream property easily!
  • Patience – you don’t win the game in just one session; likewise, be prepared to view multiple properties and make multiple offers before securing your dream property

  • Rock solid execution – persistence, mental strength & focused execution will win you the game (or the property)!

  • Reacting to field conditions – these are constantly changing in a match, affecting how the ball moves, etc. A competing offer on a property can impact your ability to close the deal. Knowing how to react (will you increase your offer by default? Or try to negotiate hard?) is the key to securing your dream property.
Now that we've highlighted some of the key challenges you will face if you're home hunting, you can find our top 5 tips for tenants moving in 2018 here


At The Urban Collective, our Sherpas can help your reduce your search time by 50% or more. Sherpas are our local area experts who will:

  • Be your daily point of contact, managing all estate agents and landlords for you
  • Pre-screen properties for viewings, so you don't waste time on unnecessary viewings
  • Provide you expert guidance throughout the search process

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