5 quotes to stay motivated for your rental home search------------------------------------

Home Sweet Home

Feeling overwhelmed by your rental home search? We’ve been there too (a number of times) and we know that we can all do with a little boost sometimes. Here are a few quotes that helped us stay motivated while house-hunting.  We hope they’ll help you too!

How To Get Things Fixed When Renting------------------------------------

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What you need to know about getting repairs done if you're a tenant renting a property. 

How to prepare for your home search in winter months------------------------------------

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Why winter months are not the best time to search for a property to rent and what to do if you've got no other choice.

Everything you need to know about the tenancy deposit------------------------------------

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What you need to know about the tenancy deposit: average amount, how to know if it's protected, how to get it back.

Top 5 tips for finding a pet-friendly rental property------------------------------------

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What you need to know before you start looking for a rental property if you are a pet owner.

4 ways to negotiate a better rent ------------------------------------

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Exclusive 'Sherpa' hacks - from our in-house tenant concierge, Octavian. 

Your Master Checklist for Viewing a Property------------------------------------

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When viewing a property, there are a number of things that you will want to check.  After all, this is the opportunity for you to evaluate if it meets your requirements and if you need the landlord to make any changes to the property as part of your offer (e.g. repairs, add or remove furniture, etc.).

Top 5 Tips For Tenants Moving In 2018------------------------------------

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Top 5 tips for tenants moving in 2018: how to secure your dream rental home and get the best possible deal

Top 5 tips for students looking for a private rented accommodation------------------------------------

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What you need to know before you start looking for a private rented accommodation as a student.

Negotiating rent & tenancy agreement------------------------------------

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5 tips to help you secure your dream rental home and get the best possible deal. 

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