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Shoreditch has been known as an entertainment area since the 16th century. It has a wide range of bars, eateries, nightclubs and art galleries that serve a high number of residents within the community.  Known as one of London's more 'hipster' areas, it's a great neighbourhood for young professionals. 

 It is divided between three areas: the boroughs of Islington, Tower Hamlets and Hackney.  Shoreditch was previously a suburb outside of the City of London but the borough is now included within the City of London boundaries. Famously, it was home to the Augustinian Holywell Priory, although it no longer remains standing.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Shoreditch was the home to many theatres and music halls, although sadly these have declined in number and many don’t even exist today as theatre going has, by and large, fallen into decline and the entertainment by music halls is no longer considered commercially viable.

Today, Shoreditch is a vibrant and fashionable part of London and it continues to benefit from constant development and innovation. The residential market has increased in size as old industrial buildings have been converted into contemporary living spaces. In addition, many technological and companies of the digital age have made their base there. Some of these include radio station,, as well as Songkick, Dopplr, SocialGO, and 7digital.



Housing prices in the Shoreditch area are much higher than the rest of England. To buy a 3-bedroom terrace, you are looking at an average of around £822,000, a rise of almost 500% in 10 years! However, you may find a modest flat for around £500,000. For rented properties, plan around £2,100 per month for a 2-bedroom flat in Shoreditch, and you can expect an average listed rental price of £2,600 for a 3-bedroom property.


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Shoreditch has many vehicular options and is well established with a large number of buses that have routes running through the region. The area is both served by London Overground and the Underground, although it features more limited access to the Underground. The Underground remains a bone of contention and will be considered again once other travel projects have been completed.

In the past, Shoreditch was notorious for congested traffic and the one-way system that expanded over a full mile, did little to help that. This affected not only vehicles on the road, but also cyclists and pedestrians. In 2002 after a long battle, the system was abolished, and the area became a two-way system once again, much to everyone’s relief.



Shoreditch is home to Allen Gardens, an area of outstanding beauty. It can be enjoyed by the young and the old alike, and it even boasts an adult playground! It's a very popular area with dog walkers and picnickers too.

Shoreditch Park also gains its fair share of users as it covers over a massive land size of 7.1 hectares and is proud to own the Green Flag Award (an award for an area that has well managed green spaces available for the general public). The park is on the site of terraced housing that was damaged during World War II. Although the site was rebuilt again with pre-fabricated housing, these were torn down and so by 1973, the area had started to become the fabulous green space it is today.





There is a wide spectrum of shopping experiences awaiting you in Shoreditch. Anything from vintage boutiques to modern gift ideas can be found at Modern Society. Modern Society is reminiscent of a shopping experience from Berlin. A wonderfully modern mix of inspired gifts, fashion, and jewellery that you will find easy to embrace with a feel-good vibe.

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BOXPARK is another favourite destination for many shopaholics. This pop-up mall has been uniquely created from shipping containers that have been refitted to accommodate 40 different units that offer anything from fashion clothes and accessories, art galleries, cafes and other dining places. This shopping destination offers a contemporary feel and is attracting more interest by the day.




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Dinerama offers a unique eating experience that takes over the streets of Shoreditch during the summer months. It features an array of street diners, bars, food shacks, amid an amazing twinkling of LED lights that dance and weave in the air as a resident DJ plays an eclectic mix of music.

Popular bars in Shoreditch include Brewdog, where you can kick back with friends and choose from a large range of traditional craft beers. It can get very crowded here – so get in early if you want a seat.

A bar with a different feel and vibe is Below The Smoke, which is reminiscent of a science lab with its minimalist white décor and sleek silver tops. You will find it nestled neatly below the superb Nordic restaurant, Rok Smokehouse. It offers an interesting and growing mix of cocktails and should certainly be on your “to experience” list.



Shoreditch counts many film stars amongst its residents. The lovely bubbly Barbara Windsor, of the “Carry On” films and more latterly EastEnders' fame, began life in Shoreditch. Damien Hirst, the outspoken and outrageous artist, was instrumental in the development of the art scene during the 1990’s. Without his input, it would be much less recognized as an art centre. Crooner, Matt Munro, owes his roots to Shoreditch as does famous comedian, Russell Brand.



Given the large number of schools and educational establishments on offer in Shoreditch, you can be sure to find something that not only suits your religion, but also supports your children's creativity, such as up and coming acting schools, including the Cineaste British Bollywood School of Acting. Preparatory schools are in high demand and independent co-educational school, such as The Lyceum School, is very highly sought after due to their extensive curriculum and dedicated attention to your child’s overall physical, emotionally and spiritual well-being.

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Medical facilities that you can find in and near Shoreditch include Mildmay Mission Hospital, St Leonard's Hospital, and BMI The London Independent Hospital.

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